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Avon and Breakthrough – Beautiful Partnership

Recent Achievements

Stopping the spread of breast cancer

Work supported by Avon and carried out by a past Dr Avon, Mariam Jamal-Hanjani, at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre has contributed to a study which identified a gene involved in the spread of breast cancer. When this gene is switched off, breast cancer cells become 'sticky' and are able to spread away from the tumour and seed secondary tumours in organs such as the lungs. The study also identified a drug, currently in clinical trials, which was able to prevent this stickiness in breast cancers with the gene switched off.

New treatments for breast cancer

One of our Dr Avons, Farah Rahman and colleagues within the Gene Function team at the Breakthrough Breast Cancer Research Centre have discovered a PARP inhibitor - a new type of breast cancer drug currently in clinical trials - called BMB673 which is far more effective than the PARP inhibitors currently being used in trials. They found that BMN673 was as effective at much lower doses at stopping tumour growth in lab and animals models. BMN673 was also found to enhance the effectiveness of chemotherapeutic drugs potentially helping to reduce side effects in patients by minimising the amount of treatment needed.

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